Did you know?
The clothes children wear to school are 28 times more germs than the average toilet seat.

Getting the kids back to school is tough. Dealing with cold and flu season at the same time is even tougher. Thankfully, AirDoctor is your best defense against bacteria and viruses that can make their way into your home!

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Protect yourself and your loved ones from bacteria and viruses with AirDoctor

Did you know children spend 20% of their time inside the classroom?

Studies show that students catch infections, colds or the flu 5 to 6 times a year. While an occasional sick day isn’t the end of the world for them, for parents holding down jobs and arranging childcare, getting sick can quickly become a nightmare. 

Find out how AirDoctor is helping families breathe easier as kids go back to school.

AirDoctors Lab Tested Air

AirDoctor also has a 3 Stage Filtration system that can capture particles 100 times smaller than the HEPA standard, providing you with relief knowing your air is being cleared from the contaminants you cant see.

And it doesn’t end there! AirDoctor’s Auto-Mode uses professional-grade sensors to assess your air quality and automatically adjust filtration levels. 

Sending the kids back to school should be an exciting time, and AirDoctor is here to give you, and your family, some much-needed relief.

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Features & Benefits

AirDoctor 1000

For small rooms: bedrooms, home offices.

$399.00+ FREE S&P


AirDoctor 2000

For medium-sized rooms: bedrooms, nurseries.

$389.00+ FREE S&P


AirDoctor 3500

For large rooms: bedrooms, kitchens,living rooms.

$629.00+ FREE S&P


AirDoctor 5500

For extra-large spaces, high ceilings and open concept.

$999.00+ FREE S&P


What Our Customers Love About


Works wonderful.

Just as advertised. Amazing how the sensor picks up on changes. Even cooking it picks up smoke you wouldn’t think it would.


Clean air.

I love my AirDoctor! I feel much better knowing I have cleaner air in my home.


We love it!

I don’t know how we went so long without one! Now that we have one and noticed the difference we have purchased two more for the bedrooms. We have noticed a big difference in decreasing the cooking smell with the one in our main living area. We have also noticed fewer allergy symptoms. No more chronic sore throat!


Love this air filter

I love my AirDoctor. My allergies have been terrible this year and air doctor has really helped. Highly recommend.


Fantastic product. It clears all allergens!

Excellent product that really works!

AirDoctor protects against these
common culprits—and more!

Tree Pollen


Pet Dander

Bacteria & Viruses

Air Pollution

Wildfire Smoke and Toxins


Breathe Easier, Live Happier
with AirDoctor

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