AirDoctor has an innovative and consumer oriented portfolio of patented solutions.

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AD Patents (registered as of 7/18/23)

  • AD2000 –  22-01830-0101; MY 22-01836-0101 (Malaysia); ZL2022306865231  (China)
  • AD3000 – US 815,723 S; ZL2016305938634, ZL201630593863.5 (China); 284858 (India); 0894461, 1567994 (Japan)
  • AD5000 – ZL2022307366141 (China); MY 22-01838-0101 (Malaysia)
  • Filter Frame – Corner (AD2000)– China Design – ZL2022306865231
  • Filter Frame – Corner (AD2000) – Malaysia Design – MY 22-01836-0101