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How Air Purifiers Safeguard Your Health During Flu Season

Flu Season

As the seasons change, the risk of falling prey to the flu increases. In the battle against seasonal illnesses, one powerful weapon is the AirDoctor air purifier. With its advanced 3 stage filtration technology, it offers more than just clean air—it provides a shield against airborne viruses, making it an invaluable ally during flu season.

Checklist for an Air Purifier to Help During Flu Season

Viruses and Bacteria: During flu season, viruses can linger in the air, posing a risk of infection. Some air purifiers are designed to target these microscopic threats. Make sure you are choosing one that ensures a level of protection that goes beyond standard air purifiers.

Optimal Room Coverage: Ensure that every corner of a room receives the benefits of purified air. This is particularly crucial during flu season when the virus can be present in various areas. You will want to explore air purifiers that cover different sized spaces for all the rooms in your home.

Smart Sensor Technology: When the purifier detects a drop in air quality, it automatically adjusts the fan speed to effectively clean your air. This proactive approach ensures continuous protection during flu season, adapting to the dynamic conditions of your home environment.

Quiet and Efficient Operation: Many traditional air purifiers that can be noisy and disruptive, choose an air purifier that is quiet. This will make it ideal for continuous use, even when you are sleeping.

Peace of Mind for Families: Air purifiers create a safe and healthy indoor environment, allowing everyone to breathe easy and focus on enjoying the season without the constant worry of getting sick.


Our Recommendation of an Air Purifier

Luckily we did the research for you and found an air purifier that checks all the boxes!  The AirDoctor air purifier is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system designed to capture airborne particles. The pre-filter traps larger contaminants such as dust and pet hair, while the carbon VOC filter captures gasses, smog and odors. The UltraHEPA filter captures particles including pollen and pet dander, to provide allergy or symptom relief during flu season. More importantly, it captures bacteria and viruses to protect you and your family’s health year-round.

Additionally, AirDoctor has a smart sensor that will read the air quality in any room and automatically adjust fan speed to ensure your air is being cleaned efficiently. They also feature WhisperJet fans which are 30% quieter than other air purifiers on the market. It comes in 4 different sizes so that you can find the best solution for every room in your home.

As flu season approaches, investing in the AirDoctor air purifier becomes a proactive step toward safeguarding your health. With its triple filtration power, it captures bacteria and viruses with optimal room coverage, smart sensor technology, quiet operation, and allergy relief capabilities, AirDoctor stands as a reliable defender against airborne threats. Make this flu season a season of good health by breathing easy with AirDoctor.

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