With the recent pandemic and seasonal allergies, the conversation around clean air has become more prevalent and necessary. AirDoctor is proud to be a leader in the air purification industry, providing clean air solutions to hundreds of thousands of people. We are committed to our social responsibility to provide clean air and as part of this dedication, we donated air purifiers to a local Cat Cafe, a  fire station in Orange, California and to 102 families in Lahaina, Maui following the tragic wildfire. 


Cat Cafe Gets a Breath of Fresh Air 

CatCafe Lounge, a non-profit cafe, is the first of its kind in Los Angeles, where you can order drinks, play with dozens of cats, and if you fall in love with some of the kittens, you can adopt! With so many cats, there is a lot of pet hair and dander floating around in their air. So we partnered with them and donated 3 AirDoctor units, 1 for each room/lounge. Visitors and staff can now enjoy their time at the cafe without worrying about pesky allergens and focus on what really matters: the  cute cats!


Orange Firefighter Station: A Clean AirSanctuary from Smoke

Firefighters are the unsung heroes who brave intense fires to keep us safe, and those fires expose them to dangerous levels of smoke and toxins, which can lead to long-term health risks. AirDoctor recognized the need for clean air at these stations and donated a total of 15 air purifiers to an Orange County fire station to help safeguard the health of these courageous men and women. The donated units will help keep the air healthy and clean for our courageous first responders. Although we can not do anything to reduce their exposure to fires, we are happy to have contributed to improving the indoor air quality in their second homes. 


A Helping Hand for Lahaina, Maui

The wildfire that broke out in Lahaina, Maui in September of 2023 tragically killed 98 people, injuring far more and devastated the entire country. Pastor Allen reached out to us on behalf of the organization Transform our World Hawaii, in need of air purifiers for 102 families due to the amount of lingering wildfire smoke. Pastor Allen reached out to us upon receiving them and stated “Your donation will play a pivotal role in safeguarding the health and well-being of our community members. Thanks to your contribution, countless families will have relief and the road to recovery will become just a bit smoother.” The AirDoctor team is so honored and privileged to have a product that is able to help those in need and to have been able to help donate air purifiers to residents of Lahaina. 


If you are part of a non-profit organization that could benefit from AirDoctor air purifiers, please feel free to reach out to us via email at info@airdoctorpro.com. Although we can not guarantee anything, we are constantly looking for ways to help out our community. Thank you to the CatCafe Lounge, the Orange County Fire Department and Transform Our World Hawaii for letting AirDoctor be a part of your lives. 


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